Step into the captivating world of Helen Proctor's latest exhibition, "Connection to Place," where abstract landscapes are imbued with emotive depth using a mixed palette of black, white, grey, and pops of warm colour to infuse vibrancy and vitality.

On display at Liberty Place from 8 April until 4 May, this showcase marks Helen’s return from Europe, where she honed her craft in abstract landscape painting and large-scale mural projects.

With a decade-long legacy in Sydney’s street art scene, Helen’s journey comes full circle as she unveils her newest creations, inspired by her profound connection to Australia and shaped by her extensive travels. “Connection to Place” serves as a retrospective, offering a glimpse into the evolution of Helen’s artistic endeavours over the years.

The artworks delve into the intricate interplay between memory, nostalgia, and sense of place, capturing the essence of Helen’s experiences through her unique visual language. Each painting reflects the varied landscapes and emotions that have influenced her work, inviting viewers to contemplate their own relationship with the world around them.

‘Connection to Place’ is presented by Liberty Place, and curated and produced by aMBUSH Gallery. Sales Catalogue can be viewed here.

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Helen Proctor

161 Castlereagh St
Sydney 2000