Mulga's Magical Musical Creatures Book Launch and Artshow is a one-night event where Mulga will be launching his latest book, Mulga's Magical Musical Creatures. Join Mulga for a fun filled evening where the original artworks from the book will be on display, live music from the book will be performed and food and drink will be enjoyed by one and all.

Held at aMBUSH Gallery at Central Park Mall the event runs from 4 pm to 8pm on the first Saturday of the school holidays, 24 September. It is a kid friendly event with facepainting, a colouring wall and table, photo booth and candy bar. There is also free iceskating downstairs.

Drinks by Young Henrys, food by Tsuru Food Truck, Pop Up Picnic and Doughnut Time, live music by Samoan Punks and No Illuminati.

Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures is a rhyming picture book for children that answers the question where does music come from? It tells the story of a musician who finds musical inspiration in his dreams. While he’s sleeping he dreams of banjo-playing owls, jazz-fluting kangaroos, trumpeting elephants and whistling toucans, and when he wakes up he’s inspired to write a song. With a style that is entirely and unmistakably Mulga, this fun and colourful story will delight readers of all ages with its fantastically quirky creatures.

Supported by aMBUSH Gallery, Central Park Mall, Young Henrys, Pop Up Picnic, Hachette Australia Children’s Books, POSCA Australia, Doughnut Time.

Join the event here.