Take 18 artists with divergent subject matters and disparate mediums, with no apparent prevailing theme, and put them together in a group exhibition. Do you understand?

That’s exactly what the audience is encouraged to ask themselves at this intriguing new show, ‘Capiche’. What are their common ties that bind? Denying the audience easy access to interpretation is just part of what you’ll uncover. Navigate through familiar and alien landscapes, building new platforms for thought as you challenge yourself to view the artworks through the lens of uncertainty, ambiguity and potential misinterpretation. There’s collage, drawing, film, illustration, installation, painting, photography, sculpture, video and experiential sensory encounters, from artists including Marty Baptist, Anna May Kirk, Kaspar Kagi, Dionysos Avramides, Ayeesha and Emele, Liz Peniazeva and Joshua Bentley.

Capiche is presented by aMBUSH Gallery and Central Park Mall and is co-curated by Joshua Bentley.

Opening night is Friday 16 September from 6-9pm at aMBUSH Gallery, after which it will be open daily and free of charge to the public from Saturday 17 September to Sunday 9 October, from 12-8pm.

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