Art for the streets inspired by nature – Beastman brightens up 10 Shelley Street

For the next five months, the area around 10 Shelley Street in Sydney’s CBD will be transformed from a conventional construction zone into an urban streetscape of intrigue and interest, thanks to an artwork by renowned Australian artist Brad Eastman (aka Beastman).

Beastman’s large-scale mural will inject vibrancy into the space, with workers and visitors to the area taken on a visual journey that spans over 130 metres, along the ground level hoarding of 10 Shelley Street and around to Sussex Street.

Beastman’s distinctive and colourful geometric design is a contemporary abstract interpretation of the repetitive patterns in nature, and the role humans play in its future.

aMBUSH Gallery have curated and produced this community engagement experience, partnering with Arts Brookfield, an organisation that presents exciting cultural experiences in public spaces at their premier office properties around the globe.