Utilising an assemblage of influences – including music, free-thinking, art and the immediate environment – Crest is an exhibition of paintings from the inquisitive and knowledge-seeking minds of nine young artists currently attending the National Art School, who are creating their art on Gadigal land.

Opening this February at aMBUSH Gallery, Crest artists have produced work in their individual style, coming together to form a complementary collection that investigates their relationship to the picture plane. Bouncing between the distinct and non-distinct, it explores the tension between abstraction and representation.

Oscar Davis’s playfully subversive practice explores the relationship and tension between abstract forms and representational imagery.

Ben Hennesy’s work documents the conversation between the subconscious and the hand of the artist.

Til Katheriner captures images of shapes and objects of interest, building a work through time by exploring and experimenting with abstracted figures and settings.

Sailor Kennard’s process involves adding and subtracting marks based on intuition, making her works heterogenous; similar to fluctuations of states of mind.

Charlie Longmire plays with the process of consciously allowing materials to make impressions not necessarily within the artist’s control.

Anoushka Mondraty explores deceptive representations of womens’ bodies in an open, non-declarative way, grounded in figuration.

Monte Parsons likes to play in the void of feeling and thinking, completely letting go of an intention and enjoying the act of mark-making while communicating with the viewer.

Jed Payten is conceptually focussed on retranslating both industrial and natural scenes to create an unconventional narrative.

Katelyn Scott uses the processes of collage, stitching, and abstracted mark making to create works with a playfulness and experimentation, reflective of life’s nature.

Crest is curated, produced and presented by aMBUSH Gallery, with opening night on Thursday, 9 February from 6-9pm at aMBUSH Gallery (4a James Street, Waterloo), with drinks provided by Lerida Estate and Capital Brewing.

The exhibition will run from Friday 10 to Sunday 12 February, from 12-4pm and is free of charge to the public.

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Anoushka Mondrat, Ben Hennessy , Charlie Longmire, Jed Payten, Katelyn Scott, Monty Parsons, Oscar Davis, Sailor Kennard & Til Kathriner

Waterloo Gallery
4A James Street
Waterloo, Sydney
NSW 2017

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