Explore the art of possibility in the new solo exhibition, ‘Alchemy’, by Sydney-based artist Mellessa Raymond. Featuring over 30 paintings, ‘Alchemy’ is Mellessa’s second collaboration with aMBUSH, after working together on her first exhibition in 2018.

The works in ‘Alchemy’ were created over the past four years, predominately while the bushfires were raging along the east coast of Australia in 2019-20, and reflect a myriad of emotions that Mellessa experienced during this time. They will be on display in the lobby of Liberty Place from Monday, 25 September until Saturday, 21 October.

Mellessa turned back to art as a way of purging and expressing raw emotion and deep thoughts after undergoing five surgeries for three brain tumours since 2006. Her work doesn’t manifest in one particular style, but is characterised only by her unorthodox rejection of pre-planning, and her usual practice of meditation before creation.

‘Alchemy’ serves as a reflection of Mellessa’s unique process, and was influenced by what’s happening in the world. She puts her creative positive spin on events, producing works that use intense layering and varied materials including metallic, acrylic and watercolour paint, as well as pens, pencils and gold leaf.

Although the paintings in the exhibition are diverse, with a range of subject matters and perspectives, they are all connected by the theme of life cycles and deeply influenced by Mellessa’s belief in the sanctity of the earth and nature, and the grand scale of the universe.

Mellessa believes art is a form of alchemy; when an artist sits in front of a blank canvas, they can create anything. At that moment before their brush touches the canvas, it has unlimited potential and offers the gift of attaining wisdom and discovering magic.

As additional elements to ‘Alchemy’, Mellessa will be live painting in the lobby during the first week of the exhibition, and conducting an interactive workshop with tenants from the building.

‘Alchemy’ is presented by Liberty Place, and curated and produced by aMBUSH Gallery.

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Mellessa Raymond

161 Castlereagh St
Sydney 2000