On Saturday 16 April, we’re showcasing Sydney’s creative spirit by bringing local artists to local audiences at the opening night of ‘From A Distant Land’.

45 emerging and established Australian contemporary artists – all hailing from the harbour city – are coming together in a multidisciplinary group show, featuring paintings, drawings, sculpture, object design, installations and video.

Curated by aMBUSH Gallery – in collaboration with artist Doctor Thomas John Whelan – and presented with Central Park, the exhibition will highlight the incredible talent and unique style of the selected artists, including Reg Mombassa, his daughter Lucy O’Doherty, Clary Akon, Bridge Stehli, Alex Latham and many more.

It’s an exhibition of Australian landscape and portraiture, with our distinctive multicultural society and the Australian sense of humour firmly at its core. Opening night on 16 April is from 6-9pm, after which the exhibition will continue daily from 12-8pm daily until Sunday 1 May.

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Artwork by Daniel French-Wollen