New York based photographer Nicholas Contrera featured in HUMAN 3.0 with with his photographic body of work titled 'Extra Ordinary - Trans Life'.

Nicholas Contrera’s body of work, entitled Extra Ordinary – Trans Life, depicts nine high-profile transgender New Yorkers whose accomplishments have been instrumental in moving the trans community forward in society. “This series looks into the everyday lives of these men and women, who come from all backgrounds and walks of life. Some profiles included the first trans woman firefighter, a nightlife icon, and a retired US Sergeant. Through their hard work and dedication, each has added a positive trans voice and shone light on a community that is often abused, ostracized, and neglected” says Contrera.

See the full body of work at HUMAN 3.0 as part of our Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras exhibition from 6 February until 6 March, 12-8pm daily. Visit the HUMAN 3.0 web page here for more information.