aMBUSH’s current exhibition with David and Noni Cragg, has been digitised! You can now view Mirrung from the comfort of your home. 

Mirrung, meaning ‘belonging’ in Dharug, the Sydney language, shines a light on a dozen Australian creatives. The portraits were chosen deliberately, to showcase the diverse cultural backgrounds that make up Australia, and what it means to be Australian. Also featured in the exhibition, are dreamy Australian landscapes with radiant flora and fauna – solo works by David.

The brother-sister duo that is David and Noni Cragg, worked collaboratively, each bringing their individual strengths and expertise to the portraits. Noni studied at the National Art School in Sydney and has exhibited in a number of solo and group shows, developing a reputation for her intricate portraits. David has a long background in graphic design and street art, having worked with some of Australia’s leading artists in this area, and studying at Bradfield Design College and the Design Centre in Enmore.

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