Opening on Monday, 9 May at the Australian National University’s outdoor exhibition venue – Exhibition Avenue – While You Were Sleeping Volume 2 is a follow up to While You Were Sleeping Volume 1, which launched aMBUSH Gallery Canberra (Kambri) in 2019.

Presented by Kambri at ANU, and curated and produced by aMBUSH Gallery, it’s a showcase of contemporary First Nations artists from around Australia, whose multi-disciplinary backgrounds include street art, fine art, photography, illustration, digital, and more.

12 established and emerging First Nations artists will each have two large-scale works on display across six exhibition cubes along University Avenue. This free exhibition will be accessible to the general public 24 hours, 7 days a week.

The works all have their roots in the world’s oldest continuous artistic tradition, but give audiences a snapshot of the fresh, cutting-edge and powerful art produced by a new generation.

While You Were Sleeping Volume 2 is proud to be in a cultural partnership with Ceremony – the 4th National Indigenous Art Triennial by the National Gallery of Australia (NGA).

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Blak Douglas, Brenda L Croft, Dennis Golding, Elizabeth Close, Jason Wing, Konstantina, Leah Brideson, Maddie Gibbs, Molly Hunt, Nardurna, Toby Bishop, Wayne Quilliam

University Ave, Acton ACT 2601


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