‘We Are All In This Together’ (WAAITT) is an exhibition by David Cragg that responds to this year’s NAIDOC theme of ‘Always Was, Always Will Be’ (Aboriginal land).

‘We Are All In This Together’ (WAAITT) is a colourful installation of flora-topped painted plinths that create a stunning exhibition trail of work by David Cragg at The Wintergarden in Sydney’s CBD. The plinths depict of ancient landscapes suffering the consequence of colonial interference and the ensuing desecration of Country.

David is an artist of First Nations, Irish and Scottish descent, working as a muralist, designer, writer, builder, photographer, sculptor and youth/disability community worker.

WAAITT responds to this year’s NAIDOC theme of ‘Always Was, Always Will Be’ (Aboriginal land), with David using his eye-catching creative practice to connect audiences to place and exploring narratives centred on First Nations sovereignty that deconstruct colonial understandings of Australia to reveal wilder, truer and more complex ecological histories.

Land is being cleared, fracked and mined at unprecedented rates. Previously vast river systems are being irrigated beyond repair, despite their vital importance. Last summer in Australia, Country burnt out of control. The Barrier Reef continues to die en masse, as our earth teeters on the precipice of an extinction event so immense, we struggle to comprehend it.

As Country suffers, First Nations people continue to be incarcerated at some of the highest rates in the world, often dying at the hands of white supremacist police systems. The need for First Nations-led land and water management has never been clearer or more urgent.

WAAITT features dense arrangements of both endangered and extinct species, set within pockets of rapidly disappearing habitat, and interrupted by splashes of vibrant colour. The bird species include endangered Swift Parrots, Regent Honeyeaters, Yellow Chats and the extinct Southern Star Finch.

The project is curated and produced by aMBUSH Gallery and presented by The Wintergarden.

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David Cragg