A forum discussion on stencil art disciplines as part of Stencil Art Prize 2015 at aMBUSH Gallery.

Since the turn of the millennium, we have witnessed the rise of stencil art as a movement, a medium, and a way to further engage the wider community in the discussion of art. Panel members include Artists – Joshua Smith, Losop, Poncho Army, Boo; as well as Gallery Director Bill Dimas (aMBUSH Gallery) and Academic Dr Jacqueline Millner (Sydney University).

Hosted by gallerist Ariana Leane, the forum aims to critically debate and question what exactly stencil art is and what it could be. With expert insight from panel members with broad backgrounds, the forum is a unique occasion to ask your topical questions. This session is free but please RSVP on the Facebook event page by clicking here.

eins92, David Soukup, Leviathan Crew, Lone Wolf, Me Bes, Monstfur, Tinku, Catman, Empty Boy, Dave Lowell, Tiera Boo, 1337 and more

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