An exhibition of 67 of the best names in Sydney’s contemporary art and contemporary street art worlds, ‘Salon de Sydney’ was aMBUSH Gallery’s farewell exhibition to Central Park Mall, as we prepared to finish up our hugely successful 18-month residency and temporarily headed back to our home in Waterloo.

Central Park Mall is a location that has seen close to 1 million visitors attend over 200 projects that have been developed, produced and presented by aMBUSH Gallery in partnership with Central Park Mall in this short space of time. The impressive list includes art exhibitions, creative conferences, launches, music events, press conferences, and more, and has featured over 1,300 local and international artists from across 71 countries.

‘Salon de Sydney’ will see the walls covered from floor to ceiling in art – it’s a visually stunning and rare opportunity for Sydneysiders to become acquainted with local talent, conveniently gathered in the one space. The stellar line-up of artists includes the likes of Anthony Lister, James Jirat, Bridget Stehli-Curnow, Lucy Zaroyko, Ben Frost, and Holly Greenwood, to name but a few, with the diverse range of artists working across all mediums – digital media, paintings, sculptures, and more.

The intent of the various works ranges from serious endeavours, such as aiming to break stereotypical representations of gender and race, to light-hearted and humorous pieces, as well as those wishing to give voice to satirical public and political commentary. Works will be available for sale, and entry is free.

Join us for one last time to see the aMBUSH Gallery space at Central Park Mall doing what it does best – engaging in social exchange and communication, by delivering art with a fresh, dynamic approach.

Opening night for Salon de Sydney is Friday, 18 November from 6-9pm at aMBUSH Gallery, Level 3, Central Park Mall, 28 Broadway, Chippendale, after which it will be open daily to the public from Saturday 19 November to Wednesday 30 November, during the hours of 12-8pm.

Look for aMBUSH Gallery on Facebook and Instagram for exhibition updates.

Alex Latham, Andrew Yee, Anita Simunovic, Anthony Lister, Aquaman, Beastman, Ben Frost, Brett Chan, Bridge Stehli, Cai Barnum, Cameron Skelton, Chris Yee, Claire Johnson, Clary Akon, Claudia Carroll, Craig Atkins, Daniel 'Ears' O'Toole, Daniel French Wollen, Dina Anis, Elliot Stewart, Gary Silipa, George Rose, Georgia Hill, Gerald Leung, Holly Fewson, Holly Greenwood, Hugo Mücke, Ireni Clarke, Isabella Grist, Jack Irvine, Jackson Love, James Jirat, Jumbo, Kaff-eine, Kaspar Kagi, Kata Komlos, Kubi Vasak, Liam Ambrose , Liz Peniazeva, Lucy Zaroyko, Luke Cornish, Maddeline Lesjaz-Atton, Marty Baptist, Matthew Usmar Walkswithdogs, Max Howard, Mik Shida, Mikaela Mitchell Bishop , Mil Skelton, Myron Love, Natalie Synnot, Neil Tomkins, Nikolas Dolman, Noni Cragg, Numskull, Ondine Seabrook, Owen Moyo, Rosalind Letford, Rosie Whelan, Sean Wadey, Shannon Crees, Siena White, Skulk, The Peanut, Thomas Whelan, Tilly Kubany, Tomas Artigas, Zak Tiley

Central Park Gallery
Level 3, Central Park Mall
Chippedale NSW 2008

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