Put It On Wax was a group show that brought together art and community, with the magic of music as the conduit. Over 200 artists took second-hand vinyl records and transformed them into unique works of art, with the goal of raising money for charity.

This large-scale group show was co-curated by Lord Street Collective and presented with Central Park Mall, and all proceeds from the sale of the artworks went to local charity Heaps Decent. Heaps Decent is a non-profit, music-based arts organisation established in 2007 that gives disadvantaged youth the valuable chance to write, perform, record and produce their own music across a variety of genres, and have their voices heard.

With a wide variety of artists – including the likes of Ears, Birdhat, Chris Yee, Brett Chan, Phibs, Nadia Hernandez and George Rose – the works ranged from humorous to serious, mischievous to mad, and satirical to political.

The exhibition was supported by a series of workshops and events highlighting lesser-known multidisciplinary art practices such as vinyl painting, music production, cutting and scratching, poetry and lyric writing, break lessons and a second-hand record fair.

Join us to see the aMBUSH Gallery space awash with vinyl, paint, music, performance and sculpture, and perhaps even purchase your own piece of art on a record.

Opening night for Put It On Wax was on Friday 19 August.

Central Park Gallery
Level 3, Central Park Mall
Chippedale NSW 2008

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