OPEN STREET ART was the first instalment of OPEN, Sydney’s newest cultural precinct and host to some of the most exciting work Australian contemporary art has to offer.

OPEN STREET ART, an exhibition of site-specific work by internationally-renowned artists Anthony Lister (BRIS/NY), Beastman (SYD), Shannon Crees (SYD) and Twoone (MELB), borrowed from graffiti’s origins and sought to redefine the art form’s cultural relevance. Still public and freely accessible, yet delivered in a manner intended to interact with the space rather than interrupt it, OPEN STREET ART intended to promote a sense of mutual respect between artist and audience, and to embellish the Sydney CBD with delight and surprise.

Launched in September 2012 and continued throughout October in association with Art & About 2012, OPEN STREET ART presented an opportunity for these four masters of their field to more readily access their audiences, and for audiences to experience the uplifting influence of public art on their daily lives. Set against the striking backdrop of then recently developed Darling Quarter, the works “reflected the surrounding urban environment”, “explored the concept of a psychological portrait” and “portrayed nature in a new light”. Each artist had drawn inspiration from the dynamism of Darling Quarter and sought to communicate with their audience by encouraging the freedom of personal interpretation.

Anthony Lister, Beastman, Shannon Crees, Twoone

1 Harbour Street, Sydney NSW 2000