‘On The Aussie Telly’ is part homage and part examination of the relationship between art, popular culture and nostalgia, in a new group exhibition opening at aMBUSH Gallery later this month.

Millennials are the last generation to remember a childhood surrounded by lo-fi technology. Like those gone before them, they grew up consuming pop culture largely via television and at the cinema, but the rapid evolution and introduction of new technologies and the Internet meant they witnessed these devices and venues become obsolete within the space of their formative years.

A group of emerging Australian artists have used their varying artistic practices to look back fondly on the Australian television landscape of their youth, using their work to investigate themes of collective and individual memories, and their intersection with sentimentality, while also casting a sharp, sometimes satirical and analytical eye over the scene.

Their artworks tap into the zeitgeist of the 1990s and early 2000s, with imagery that will be familiar to the audiences – including from shows like ‘Round the Twist’, ‘Bananas In Pyjamas’ and the film ‘The Castle’ – jumping from the ‘goggle box’ into the gallery environment.

This unrivalled period of the late 20th century – simultaneously exciting and daunting thanks to its potential and unknowns – presented the perfect opportunity for these young artists to claim space on the recollections and wistfulness of that era, and reflect it back to us through the lens of hindsight.

‘On The Aussie Telly’ is presented by aMBUSH Gallery, curated in partnership with Eliza Gosse, with the opening night event on Thursday, 20 September from 6-9pm at aMBUSH Gallery (4 James Street, Waterloo) with complimentary drinks sponsored by Sapporo.

The exhibition will be on display for the ensuing three days, open daily and free of charge to the public from Friday, 21 September to Sunday 23 September, from 12-4pm.

Artwork by Holly Greenwood

Kat Chellos
Tango Conway
Brad Teodoruk
Eliza Gosse
Anna May Henry
Alex Latham
Holly Greenwood
Alvin Williams
Alex Xerri
Christopher Zanko
Skelton & Conway

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