Impacting the Future - to celebrate National Recycling Week, Arts Brookfield in collaboration with aMBUSH Gallery are once again bringing art to public spaces, this time with stunning site-specific sculptural installations made from recycled materials, displayed in select Sydney CBD office buildings.

During the month of November, the artworks – all creations of contemporary Australian sculptor, Jane Gillings – will be in the foyers of 10 Shelley Street, 50 Carrington Street and 60 Carrington Street.

National Recycling Week runs from Monday, 13 November to Sunday, 19 November and its main aims include to increase the number of businesses and workplaces involved in recycling, as well as promote community re-use and recycling initiatives.

Appropriately, Jane’s art practice involves construction with found objects. Her work
may be figurative or abstract, but always contains an underlying reference to waste and overconsumption. In an attempt to limit landfill, she collects discarded objects and fills her studio with them. Materials are meticulously sorted and examined for sculptural potential, eventually being cut, shaped, melted, wired, glued and presented as something else – something unlikely to be discarded.

Of her work, Gillings says she hopes to make viewers ask of themselves the same questions she considers while creating the art, often centred around our unnecessary consumption of single-use plastics and their devastating effect on the environment.

Her three works on display are: “Timberrrrrr!!!’ at 60 Carrington Street, Sydney, ‘Don’t Get Too Comfortable’ at 50 Carrington Street, Sydney and ‘Clear’ at 10 Shelley Street, Sydney.

This sculptural installation project is presented by Arts Brookfield, curated and produced by aMBUSH Gallery, and will be available for viewing by the general public during normal building open hours from Monday 6 November until Friday 24 November.

Jane Gillings

4a James Street
Waterloo NSW 2017

+61 2 8399 0707