With a style that is distinctive and detailed, Sydney-based artist Nanami Cowdroy’s art will enliven the lobby of Liberty Place in her upcoming exhibition, ‘Metamorphosis’, opening on Thursday 28th September.

Nanami describes ‘Metamorphosis’ as “how various external things influence, change and transform us internally. An expression of how we go from one state to another and the exquisite journey in between.”

‘Metamorphosis’ also serves as a retrospective of her art over the past five to 10 years, often informed and influenced by her mother’s traditional Japanese art practice of ikebana (flower arranging) and the philosophies and principles behind it. From this Nanami believes she learnt “the importance of using and creating negative space in order to help direct focus onto specific elements, as well as the desire to achieve a natural harmony and balance in a composition, often embracing a more asymmetrical arrangement, which is more often reflected in nature.”

The artworks feature both subtle and overt expressions of objects, animals, people and places transforming and evolving into different states and forms through influences like emotions, space and time. It’s a concept Nanami has always found fascinating, as it offers fertile ground for her to express herself artistically in a surrealistic manner.

Nanami gravitates to subjects (including fish, octopuses, paper cranes and dreamscapes) that may customarily appear fragile and delicate, but are given a sense of strength, depth and permanence through the use of her contrasting heavy and fine line work, as well as intricate detail.

Her aim is to attain a sense of ‘Zen’ harmony within and around her subjects and compositions while preserving a playful quality. The process of creating her works is meditative and natural. “I trust the natural evolution of the work itself. It’s a ‘metamorphosis’ from my inner, creative vision to actual expression and application onto paper and into reality.”

“Even though my love of watery subjects and dream-like environments has remained consistent, ‘Metamorphosis’ reflects how my artistic style has developed and evolved over the years, as well as my feelings and ambitions as an emerging artist in today’s high-pressure, and ever-demanding society.”

‘Metamorphosis’ is presented by Liberty Place, and curated and produced by aMBUSH Gallery.

What: ‘Metamorphosis’ by Nanami Cowdroy
When: from Thursday 28th September
Where: Liberty Place foyer, 161 Castlereagh Street, Sydney (thru 242 Pitt Street)
Times: daily from 9am to 6pm
Cost: free

Nanami Cowdroy

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