An exclusive one night only Sydney performance by acclaimed Berlin-based electronic music artist Gudrun Gut.

An exclusive performance by Gudrun Gut, an acclaimed Berlin-based electronic music artist was brought to Australia to perform at the opening of the multimedia exhibition Geniale Dilletanten. Gudrun Gut was an early adopter of electronic music and an original Geniale Dilletanten artist, best known for her work in Malaria! and Mania D, and the early days of industrial band Einstürzende Neubauten. Today, she combines strange beats with eclectic electronica and her characteristic voice.

The exhibition opening night was Thursday 10 March from 6pm-9pm at aMBUSH Gallery, Central Park Mall, and was a memorable evening brimming with weird and wonderful subcultural elements covering music, fashion, filmmaking, design and art, as they emerged from the radical environment of Berlin in the 1980s.

Geniale Dilletanten was curated by Goethe-Institut Australia and presented in collaboration with aMBUSH Gallery and Central Park Mall.

Gudrun Gut

Central Park Gallery
Level 3, Central Park Mall
Chippedale NSW 2008

+61 2 8399 0707