It was local art for a local audience – From A Distant Land was a new exhibition showcasing the work of 45 Sydney-based contemporary artists with incredible talent.

It was local art for a local audience – From A Distant Land is a new exhibition showcasing the work of 45 Sydney-based contemporary artists with incredible talent. There were established names including Reg Mombassa, Peter Kingston, and Clary Akon, as well as younger emerging artists such as Lucy O’Doherty, Daniel French, Neil ‘Birdhat’ Tomkins and Holly Greenwood, and notable street artists Daniel ‘Ears’ O’Toole, Bridge Stehli and Skulk.

Curated and produced by aMBUSH Gallery, in collaboration with artist Doctor Thomas John Whelan, and presented with Central Park Mall, this multidisciplinary group show featured paintings, drawings, sculpture, object design, installations and video. Visitors learned firsthand about our Sydney artists and what ignites their creative spirit. They came out of the studio to engage with their audience and disclosed their stories.

Though the inspirations and motivations of the chosen artists may differ, there are common threads woven through their work: the way they paint the Australian landscape and portraiture reveals the unique Australian sense of humour is still alive and kicking, and the distinctive multicultural influences of our society are echoed in the artworks.

Opening night for From A Distant Land was on Saturday 16 April from 6-9pm at aMBUSH Gallery, Central Park, after which it was open daily and free of charge to the public from Sunday 17 April to Sunday 1 May, from 12-8pm.

Exhibition artwork by Daniel French-Wollen

Alex Latham, Anita Simunovic, Bridge Stehli, Cam Skelton, Claire Johnson, Clary Akon, Colin Ross, Daniel ‘Ears’ O’toole, Daniel French-Wollen, David Cragg, Dionysos Avramides, Georgia Godworth, Griffin Pickard, Hannah Rose Carroll Harris , Hannah Toohey, Holly Greenwood, Hugo Muecke, Jake Duczynski, James Lesjak, Jan Cork, Kata Komlos, Liam Ambrose, Lily Plasto, Lucy O’doherty, Madeleine Lesjak, Marisa Langley, Matilda Kubany, Matthew Usmar Walkswithdogs, Mikaela Bishop, Mil Skelton, Myron Love, Natalie Sinnott, Neil ‘Birdhat’ Tomkins, Noni Cragg, Ondine Seabrook, Opie, Owen Moyo, Peter Fulker, Peter Kingston, Reg Mombassa, Rosie Whelan, Sean Wadey, Siena White, Skulk, Thomas John Whelan

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