‘Fieldnotes – Hong Kong’ is an immersive and multidisciplinary exhibition in the lobby of Sydney’s Liberty Place at 161 Castlereagh St thru 242 Pitt St, that combines the talents of Melbourne-based photographer Nicole Reed and her partner, musician/producer Leigh Ryan (aka ‘Plutonic Lab’).

The exhibition was developed from their collectable photo book and limited-edition vinyl of the same name, and features over 15 of Reed’s photographs, displayed on the walls and on oversized cubes, with an accompanying sound track from Plutonic.

‘Fieldnotes – Hong Kong’ sets out to evoke a sense of place and ambiance not usually captured in traditional travel guides, with viewers experiencing small urban moments visually and acoustically that leave a big impact, including the evocative scene of an empty beach, the sounds of a Kowloon taxi, and the poignant sight of a lone woman and her dog on a bridge at night.

Photography by Enzo Amato courtesy of aMBUSH Gallery.

‘Fieldnotes – Hong Kong’ is presented by Liberty Place, and curated and produced by aMBUSH Gallery (an initiative of Wiltshire + Dimas Management).

Nicole Reed & Plutonic Lab