Dark Pop-Art Meets High Fashion - Sydney artists Jodee Knowles and Creon launched art fashion label FATHER SUPERIOR at aMBUSH Gallery during Sydney Fashion Week 2016.

Positioned as an exclusive art label, Father Superior was the latest labor of love between internationally renowned Sydney based artists Jodee Knowles and Creon (Gerard Cranney). Launched during the 2016 Sydney Fashion Week at aMBUSH Gallery at Central Park Sydney, some of the Father Superior creations were already being worn by big names like Sticky Fingers and Anthony Lister.

Deciding they wanted to see more gutter punk and grunge inspired couture within the fashion scene, Father Superior began combining twisted pop-culture references with customised vintage jackets. Born from the belly of ‘Satan’ himself, Father Superior is wearable art. Each piece is hand selected and intricately customised, it is then used as a literal canvas to depict some of cult-cinema’s greatest villains. Father Superior is an experimental label that went horribly right, seamlessly bridging the gap between dark-art and high fashion.

Their debut collection sported a colourful array of ‘hard boiled’ beastly faces, beautifully hand painted, each individual piece is unique. Nostalgic, esoteric, dark, sinister, punk and punchy, Father Superior blurs the line between street-wear and street-art.

“We deliberately wanted to draw upon some of the more obscure characters from our childhood, partially so that our customers really feel that nostalgic gut punch when they see a character they recognise”.

With only 20 pieces in the first collection, viewing these works at their exclusive preview was a must. Launched in the middle of fashion week, 19th May 2016 at aMBUSH Gallery Sydney with an installation work to accompany by contemporary street artist Anthony Lister.

Jodee Knowles, Creon

Central Park Gallery
Level 3, Central Park Mall
Chippedale NSW 2008

+61 2 8399 0707