Central Park Mall and multi-award winning aMBUSH Gallery, together with CURVY, will present the CURVY Creative Women’s Conference, a showcase of highly esteemed women in the creative sphere.

The Curvy Creative Women’s Conference presented a line-up of women who are breaking boundaries in the creative industry across the world, including Jo Walker – Head of Editorial, Frankie Press, Linda Marigliano – Triple J Radio Presenter, Vanessa Lawrence – Head of Editorial, Pedestrian TV, Lauren Bath – Photographer, Social Media Influencer, Ainsley Hutchence – Co-founder Sticks and Stones Agency, Lauren Winzer – Tattoo Artist, Emma Morris – ABC Foreign Correspondent, and many more.

An exhibition, special events and panel discussions were featured.  The program offered a two-day inspiration academy with some of the most influential creative women in art and design, fashion, film, media, photography, advertising, publicity and publishing.

Also part of the conference was the 10th annual CURVY art exhibition at aMBUSH Gallery featuring both mixed media from female creatives around the world and behind-the-scenes imagery and inspiration that fuels their creativity.

The conference was a once in a lifetime chance to gain a female perspective and take an inside look at the challenges, opportunities and trends taking shape across creative industries worldwide.

And although the names on the stage and on the walls are the who’s who of influential creative women that are breaking the boundaries of creative inspiration, CURVY has a uniquely down-to-earth, collaborative atmosphere that is highly inclusive.

All were invited to this great opportunity to rub shoulders with like-minded creative souls, make new contacts, as well as friend and colleagues.

For more information, please visit the page at www.curvy-world.com

Ainsley Hutchence, Emily Leiding Weight, Emma Morris, Fiona Killackey, Gemma O'Brien, George Rose, Hayley O'Connor, Jana Bartolo, Jen Jeavons, Jo Walker, Josie Clough, Kimberley Reynolds, Lauren Bath, Lauren Winzer, Linda Marigliano, Marian Machismo, Nadia Hernandez, Nicole Reed, Rachel Ponygold Urquhart, Taryn Williams, Tessa Da Gosselin, Vanessa Lawrence

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