Award-winning Australian photographer Stephen Dupont’s latest exhibition Are We Dead Yet? is part of a long-term artistic documentation of the effects of climate change on our nation.

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The 21 photographs on display detail the numerous ecological events from locations around Australia that left ravaged earth and devastated communities in their wake, making Dupont realise the inevitability of the shift in conversation from ‘Is climate change happening?’ to ‘Is it too late?’

Inspired by his young daughter Ava – a climate activist – Dupont’s discussions about environmental issues inevitably end up at the big question: is it possible to save the planet, or have we pushed Mother Nature to the brink of extinction?

Through his lens, Dupont has captured the environmental, social and economic tolls that have been taken, with nature’s colour palette in the aftermath of destruction imbuing the works with a surreal ambiance.

Shot over the course of the past few years, in locations across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania, this photographic journey tells striking visual stories of suffering, confusion, anger and fear, and lends the issue a much-needed sense of urgency.

From the solitary figure swimming in the ocean during a dust storm, to a flooded football ground, or the charred bushland ravaged by fire and the parched ground of drought-stricken regions, Dupont wants to motivate the audience to question their roles and responsibilities in this real-time catastrophe.

The exhibition is curated and presented by aMBUSH Gallery and is on display in the Canberra space (Level 2, Cultural Centre, Kambri at ANU) until Sunday, 24 October, from 10am-6pm weekdays and 12pm-5pm on weekends. Admission is free and all artworks are for sale. View the catalogue here and for enquiries about purchasing works, email [email protected]

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