A four-day celebration intended to reignite the power of one of the most universally respected skate symbols.

Created in 1985 by the legendary Jim Phillips, the Screaming Hand has served as an overall brand image for the entire Speed Wheels line, which included Slimeballs, Bullets, and OJs. With a bloodstained compound fracture, flapping tendons and misplaced mouthpiece, this agro amputee has become one of the most recognisable skate graphics of all time.

Jim Phillips was an Art Director at NHS in the 1970s and ’80s, where he created thousands of skateboard decks, stickers and T-shirts. He is currently continuing to produce art with an exclusive connection to NHS, creating special projects in the skateboard and surf industry. This exhibition and group show is evidence of the legacy of Jim Phillips and the Screaming Hand. The show – currently on a world tour – is a tribute to the longevity and originality of the iconic logo.

In addition to the internationally respected artists who contributed to the body of work, including Jimbo Phillips (Jim’s son), Eric Dressen, Jeremy Fish and Mike Giant, the exhibition also includes a special component by leading local creatives. Curator Eddie Zammit said, “There is no doubt, the Screaming Hand graphic has inspired a generation of enthusiastic artists, designers and illustrators to greater heights. For me at least, the Screaming Hand represents risk and youth culture. How many graphics can you name that have inspired so many creative people?”

The show was a four-day celebration intended to reignite the power of one of the most universally respected skate symbols. After Sydney, the exhibition traveled to Melbourne, before heading off to Tokyo. We welcomed Jimbo Phillips to Australia for the first time, and thank all the people involved in making this project such an exciting testament to skate culture as a whole.

Photo credit: Nicole Reed

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