Tristan Miller

Artist Bio 

Name: Tristan Miller

Age: 21

Location: Sydney, Australia

Info: Currently studying a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication at UTS Freelance graphic designer. Communication/marketing manager at Electrofringe

Artist Statement 

“My hero is trapped, weak and surrounded. Nearly entirely enveloped, they stare out provocatively, reminding us that we will not be defeated.” My Poster titles ‘THE EYE OF THE STORM’ is inspired by my experiences of 2020 and the global pandemic. Covid-19 has hit the world hard effecting billions. Living in Sydney, Australia however, it has often felt as if we are in the eye of a great storm. We see the virus tearing countries apart overseas, and this undoubtedly leaves us feeling uncertainty about our future. With this storm raging around us, will it shift into our path? This feeling of being in limbo has been exemplified by the strict lockdown measures our governments have put in place. Indeed, the words chaotically etched onto my poster like carvings on a prison cell reflect these feelings of entrapment and isolation. The focal point of the poster being the figures eye acts as both a visual metaphor for the storm we find ourselves in, but also conveys our human endurance and instils hope in these uncertainty times.