Svetlana Prokhorova

Artist Bio 

Svetlana is a Sydney based visual artist. She started studying Art History, Drawing and Painting in Russia many years ago, and now she incorporates her background into contemporary Western Art. Svetlana experiments with symbolic and minimal forms to express her ideas in visual concepts. Her artworks often draw viewers’ attention to social issues and motivate them to inner exploration. Svetlana is currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Art at National Art School (majoring in Printmaking). She is an active exhibiting member of Randwick Art Society and a committee member of Multicultural Art Society (MARS). These gives her an opportunity to meet local artists and be engaged in social projects.

Artist Statement 

My work is a reflection on unexpected changes in everyday routine life of many people. One day, in the beginning of this year, thousands of office spaces became empty and people faced new reality. I wanted to make my work positive and optimistic, because there is always should be a hope. Hope for the best outcome, for a new life, for new opportunities.