Sophie Hoogewerff

Artist Bio 

I am a third year Human Biology and Geography Major at the ANU, and was born in Austria, grew up in England and New Zealand, but currently find myself in Australia. I am fascinated with exploring ways to understand how to live better and help the world thrive. Making art is one way I enjoy to connect ideas and emotions into tangible objects that other people can think about and feel about. I did not use any other sources except for my own photographs taken along the NSW South Coast in areas where the bushfires had damaged forests.

Artist Statement 

This artwork tackles the narrative of The Hero’s Journey through the lens of nature. This year we have experienced many events that have forced us to question ourselves and our decisions, and by living through this, we learnt more about how to live better and be better. This artwork focuses on the imagery of the Australian Bushfires, showing how strong and vibrant the environment reemerges after being so brutally ripped apart and blackened. I think we can apply nature’s philosophy, from this particular context, to many trials we face in life, and that we should take hold of our ability to grow stronger and reckon with any challenge we might face by knowing we will emerge brighter, and full of life, on the other side.