Sebastian Doman

Artist Bio

My name is Sebastian Doman, a 16-year-old student at Marist College Canberra. I undertook this task as a part of my graphic design class, in which I am new to the subject. I also study music and history and hope to one day become a film composer. I grew up around Canberra to an Australian father and a Mexican mother, and have been living here since I was 2. Art and design are major aspects of my life, as a way to facilitate creativity.

Artist Statement

2020 has been a year of constant negativity and adversity. At this stage in our heroes journey, it may seem like the nadir, reflecting on the losses caused by natural disasters, social injustice, and sheer misfortune. While these events pervade our minds, the glass-half-full thinker within may pipe up; it can only get better from here. As time moves forward, we, too, must move ahead and begin our own journey. The heroes that supported us for the majority of the year, the firefighters, the doctors, the nurses, the protesters, cannot achieve change alone, thus the call to adventure we have received. We are now left with a decision; do we cower away and avert our eyes? Or do we answer, and take a step forward towards a better future?