Rebecca Street

Artist Bio 

Rebecca Street is a mixed media artist based in Sydney’s Inner West. She grew up on the Central Coast and her work is greatly informed by the natural beauty of the bush and beach. Her work is expressive in style with playful shapes and colours to invoke joy and dreamlike nostalgia. Rebecca works across various mediums using everything from watercolour, acrylic, ink, poscas and crayons. She holds a Bachelor of Digital Media from COFA and a Diploma in Graphic Design from EDC. Rebecca has been making art for over ten years and has exhibited both in Sydney and on the Central Coast.

Artist Statement 

My entry for the Hero’s Journey competition represents how 2020 has provided many with a chance to look within and grow. It is also a personal reflection of love, creativity blooming to life and celebrating Koori culture. This work is dedication of love to my partner Djardie about how when we touch our foreheads together and all the external noise fades away. It is inspired by a conversation we had about how the world outside felt like a tornado but we were safe in the eye of the storm together. Broadly speaking this time has led all of us to lean into our loved ones re-prioritising friendship and family to the forefront after finally having a moment to just . slow . down. For this meant a period of inward reflection and creativity. I started painting for the first time in five years and I haven’t been able to stop since. I have spoken to many people and have heard the same story and I speculate that this period has led to a type of creative renaissance. I hope that this is true and I am eager to see what is coming next. The roots coming down from the figures represent my hope that the work and creativity being laid down will lead to a stronger, more inclusive and creative future. They are also a nod to my deep appreciation of being taught lessons of the vibrancy and resilience of Koori culture from my partner and the creative community I follow. Against all odds the two figures stand on top of the mountain made of crumpled masks, emerging from flames with fists raised in solidarity. This year has been a crazy one but I hope we can come out of it stronger and better than ever.