Nina Draklovic

Artist Bio 

From a shy child happily drawing in the corner at family events with any pencil, crayon and pen she could find, to an intense painting and collage obsession in high school, Nina has always been a punk experimenter at heart, playing around with colour, genre, materials, styles and techniques. She aims to create bold, colourful and sometimes provocative artworks, focusing on the poignancy, beauty and expressiveness of the human face. She was selected as a finalist in ArtExpress and completed a visual design degree at Billy Blue. She continues to experiment, illustrate and paint, and is planning her first show early in 2021.

Artist Statement 

‘Everyone is an idiot except you and me’ is a response to the nostalgia that hit us all during the global pandemic. Nostalgia for a life that once was, for a life we never thought would change so drastically, and a nostalgia for simpler times, (at least simple in our memories). More deeply, nostalgia drove us to reconnect with old friends, friends we hadn’t spoken to or realised we had been missing all this time. This poster represents an old hand-made, illustrated birthday card I found during lockdown that one of my dearest friends made for me years ago. We were thick as thieves, living life in the same house, and helping each other through lousy one night stands, career changes, lots of tears and laughter, too much coffee and above all, feeling like it was just the two of us in this little microcosm – us against a harsh world that refused to see that we were destined for greatness. She was my little sister from another mister, and since moving to London 18 months ago, it took a global pandemic to reconnect us, to grow that little microcosm all over again, and for us both to realise we can never let oceans nor time separate us again.