Nathalia Suizu

Artist Bio 

Nathalia Suizu (aka Natsui) is a self-taught artist who strives to live and paint by mantra “follow your bliss”. Her distinctively vibrant creations draw the viewer into an uplifting world, fully charged with colour & magic. Nathalia’s creative expression is underpinned by a strong pop art and modern folk aesthetic, regularly exploring visionary and psychedelic artistic territories. Her work takes in!uence from Latin American folk art, retro fashion and design, traditional tattoo culture and religious iconography. Layered with symbols and archetypal motifs, her paintings are intuited visual narratives that allude to themes of mythology, mysticism, duality, the feminine and enchantment. Predominantly using acrylic and gouache mediums, she favours a complementary palette of richly saturated colour applied in solid, glossy swathes. Nathalia’s use of glitters and metallic leaf embellishments mirror her magpie love of shiny things and inject an ethereal, shrine-like quality to her creations. Simpli”ed forms, rhythmic line work and clashing patterns are signature to her visual lexicon. Searching for balance and meaning in each piece, her approach to mark-making is a constant dance between careful consideration and playful spontaneity. Simply put, Nathalia’s art is a celebration of life; souvenirs of joy and appreciation.

Artist Statement

Axis Mundi 2020 is a personal mandala, mapping out key themes and experiences of 2020. The creation of mandalas have a long tradition throughout many cultures, and even in the West they have been used for self-expression, spiritual transformation and as a pathway towards self-knowledge and personal growth. Renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell, has written on the connection of mandalas to that of the Hero’s Journey. Campbell outlines the Hero’s Journey as a universal motif of adventure and transformation that runs through virtually all of the world’s mythic traditions. In The Power of Myth (1988) Campbell states: “In working out a mandala…you draw a circle and then think of the different impulse systems and value systems in your life…Making a mandala is a discipline for pulling all those scattered aspects of your life together, “finding a centre.” It is this connection between the outer world and inner world that most interests me, an idea I continually explore in my art making.