Miguel Perez

Artist Bio 

MAPCOBO is a Sydney-based creative studio that experiments with space and volume, through light/darkness and colour, creating the perfect blend of Spanish tradition and Australian modernity. The results are architectural pieces crafted to achieve a timeless look, with a retro edge and a touch of je ne sais quoi. Originally, architect & artist, Miguel Angel decided to start a journey to bring the missing human centred approach back to residential architecture and art using his creative critical thinking and curiosity. His works are an exercise of digging deep to understand the delicate relationship between human beings, nature, time and location.

Artist Statement 

Torn leather & broken mirrors landscape reflects about crossing the threshold whether it is physical, spiritual or emotional. However the threshold presents itself, this action signifies the Hero’s commitment to his journey and whatever it may have in store for him. Soft natural leather and polished hard-edged acrylic mirrors create contrasting forms and textures that allow the viewer to understand the psychological challenges of the hero’s journey between the world he is familiar with and that which he is not… the great unknown.