Maya Brasnovic

Artist Bio 

I’m a Sydney based Illustrator and Designer with a passion for lettering and typography. I love the thrill of learning something new and taking what I’ve learnt to make connections between art, culture and people. When I’m not at my 9-5 I’m most likely listening to a science podcast, buying (another) plant, looking for the perfect coffee and trying my best to share good vibes through my art and ideas.

Artist Statement 

When we think of 2020 and its events it leads us to the unknown and feelings of uncertainty. The media describes it as ‘unprecedented times’. But the word ‘unprecedented’ isn’t essentially negative, it means ‘never done before’, ‘unparalleled’, ‘unmatched’ and ‘unrivalled’. Words that describe what a hero is and can do. So my poster is a call to all of us to be heroes. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented hope – and with that we can get through 2020.