Matt Wheatley

Artist Bio 

Matt Wheatley is a self taught artist from Wollongong, NSW. Primarily focusing on pop culture inspired works, this contribution to ‘The Hero’s Journey’ exhibition is a departure from the typically less serious pieces he and his collaboration partner, James McLaughlin, produce.

Artist Statement 

My submission ‘Pandemic’ is a reflection of the plague that has been 2020 enveloping the subject from all angles, deep in the ‘conflict’ stage of the journey. And while it can feel overwhelming trying to navigate our way through what feels a continually compounding cluster bomb of new obstacles, its our ability to overcome these adversities by digging deep and showing courage in the face of our personal monsters which can lead us to the other side. I usually work under a collective banner called Kid Eat Shadows but this piece was more personal to me and how I feel in our current climate. I generally do more pop culture/humorous works but this exhibition was a great push to try something different and express my current feelings and desire to overcome them.