Luca Moujaes

Artist Bio 

My name is Luca Moujaes and I’m a 2nd year Design student majoring in Industrial Design at UTS. I grew up in Sydney and am 21 years of age.

Artist Statement 

I wanted to capture my own journey through 2020 and a post pandemic world through my poster. Throughout this year I have felt motivated and unmotivated simultaneously; whilst having a lot more free time to hone my skills and create work and media I’m proud of I have felt very closed in, trapped and isolated. Working and studying in a creative field requires a large amount of self motivation and inspiration and throughout this tumultuous year it has been really difficult to find outlets to create upon. Furthermore, these isolating times can also take a toll on one’s mental health which has also been a struggle I have faced throughout this year. Through my poster I wanted to capture this idea of feeling trapped but also inspired through feeling like a “Butterfly trapped inside a plane” which is also the name of my work. This image creates an idea of being able to fly but being stuck within the confines of things outside of your control that may or may not be temporary.