Jodee Knowles

Artist Bio 

Perth born artist Jodee Knowles draws portraits of female figures with dripping eyes and they are simultaneously astonishing and heartbreaking, unbuckling human emotion and experience. She finds her inspiration within fashion and other strong individuals in her life, yet her work essentially depicts confusion and troubling human experiences.

Artist Statement 

My work is heavily based on the human condition and the emotional state of mind that makes or breaks a happy existence. My portraits are a reflection of one’s memories and expectations, in which the concept of an intoxicating other is celebrated or hated. My characters attempt to awaken forgotten memories and desired longings. By thematically dealing with the feeling of being torn between addiction and satisfaction, between excess and boredom, I attempt to confuse my public’s senses and breach space, time and feeling. The works portray my own existence, where extreme experiences, fear and obsession collide. I am always hungry for emotional familiarity and am addicted to the chaotic environment of them. Each work represents and displays my connection with individuals who are involved in my life emotionally, and whose existence causes me to constantly question my own. My works are simply created for your emotional experience and pleasure. Once removing me as the artist, who suffered this process, the works become any individual’s moments.