Jane Gillings

Artist Bio 

Jane Gillings is a multidisciplinary artist with over thirty years experience as an exhibiting, practicing artist and educator. Her work ranges from large scale sculptural installations to detailed drawings which are often illustrative with personal hidden meaning and messages throughout. The act of making is a meditation and more recently her garden has become her major, evolving, ephemeral artwork. 2020 has seen her pull back from art prizes, exhibitions and competitions and focus on teaching children and more personal artwork, but The Hero’s Journey invited the piece presented here.

Artist Statement 

It seems that the advice Joni Mitchell gave to us in her 1970 song, Woodstock, to end war and destruction and “get back to the garden” is as relevant today as it was then. Possibly more so. When the pandemic emerged, sales of seeds and gardening products soared as people feared that food production may be effected. My husband Len and I have always been gardeners and have spent much of our reduced socialisation lovingly tending to our ever productive beautiful garden and sharing it with like minded people. This is a portrait of the two of us and our dog Bonnie (and chicken Ethel), in our garden. We are the hero’s. It is our way of looking after our tiny part of the planet. When we all emerge from this nightmare, perhaps people will have spent their alone time thinking about how just maybe, everything is connected, and the way we live on earth must drastically change.