Jade Goulding

Artist Bio 

Through a challenging time recently recovering from brain surgery, I have found myself drawn back to my first love of creativity. Using painting, mixed media and digital forms, mostly I have been developing my style in abstracts with botanical shapes as a symbol of growth and trying to turn hard times into something happy and beautiful. I have found my practice to have truly grown in this time. Flowers, leaves, trees, hills, and natural abstraction create a sense of grounding for me, as I grew up in the lush New Zealand countryside. These works are joined by abstract expressionism, with strong bold elements of structured contrast, symbolise the opposing elements we struggle with internally, and externally in our natural and built environments and social systems. In rediscovering my identity through big life challenges of brain surgery, divorce, job loss, and processing the world events of 2020, my eclectic works are speaking about my journey of uncovering my true voice. I am inspired by those who have found their power, and are using it to drive change, nurture others, and unashamedly express who they are. My work is a part of embracing the facets of my own femininity, rediscovering my values and building an to grow in. Painting intermittently since I was a child, I love mixing familiar earthy symbols with the freedom of abstract expression and colour as a release from the structure and challenge of daily life. My art enables me to share what is important to me, and what I believe the world needs to hear, and to move towards healing and the next season of life.

Artist Statement 

2020. The numbers rolled off our tongues with promise and anticipation, but the news rolled in with fear and trepidation. In harrowing global situations, and challenging personal situations, we must seek out that which brings hope, and this year, more than ever. What I have seen is an encouraging array of women bringing the courage, strength and determination that this clusterfuck of a year has needed. Their journeys, to me, are the heroes. Their stories have sparked change, set standards, generated hope and demanded more. I have developed a grid style poster with illustrations inspired by popular and powerful images we have seen in the news and on the internet. Sprinkled with a hint of strong pink as a nod to the feminine, but structured with bold monochrome and fonts to demonstrate the strength that these women bring to the world at such a crucial time, I have created a homage to the power of hope and tenacity that we can draw on in these world-changing times.