Helena Wen

Artist Bio

I’m a first year Science student currently studying at the ANU, born and raised in Melbourne. I’m self taught, have been casually drawing since I was little, and started digital art late last year. I spent my first paycheck on a drawing tablet! My general art style jumps between realism and manga art, and I love to draw people.

Artist Statement

Who do you think of as a hero? Obviously there are the stereotypical images of superheroes — strong, powerful people who save the people from peril. But unfortunately, there are no such people with superpowers in the world to help us in times of adversity, like in 2020. So who are the superhero-equivalents of our world? There are no superheroes — for everyone is a hero in their very own way, and everyone is able to be an inspiration to someone else. What I’ve tried to illustrate is this cycle of heroism. Scientists and doctors are currently seen as the heroes of COVID-19, but each one of them has their own heroes — be that their family and friends, singers, teachers or just a person they meet on the street. Real heroes inspire people to be heroic — everyone can be a hero, and you can be a hero too.