Emily Yuting Chen

Artist Bio

Born in Taiwan and now living and working in Melbourne. My art practice aims to capture the ephemerality of our existence through the mechanism of technologies and their interpretations of reality, time and space. My works adapt a variety of mediums such as thermal paper, cyanotype photography, digital photography (generated by flatbed scanners) and video/light installations. My works otien incorporate a variety of analogue and digital technologies that generate light for imagery production/reproduction. My practice focuses on imagery production/reproduction through experimenting with unconventional materials that reference the mechanism of the production process. I often use natural elements as my subject matter, such as water and fire in exploring how their changes through time can be perceived and interpreted as abstract languages generated by the materiality of photographic apparatuses. Recent solo exhibitions include Maps to the Sky II, MARS Gallery, Melbourne (2020), Earth Died Screaming HOBIENNALE, Hobart (2019), Maps to the Sky, West Projections Fes)val, Melbourne (2018) Force Exposure Alterna)ng Current Art Space, Melbourne (2018) Light Emerges Taichung Light Fes)val commission, Taichung, Taiwan (2017) And the Shadow Splits into Two Trocadero ARI, Melbourne (2017) The Light Pours out of Me, Blindside ARI (2016).

Artist Statement 

2020 has been an intense year with unprecedented changes around the world. My response to the Hero’s Journey is to acknowledge everyone’s resilience in living in constant uncertainty induced by the global pandemic. The core idea of the poster is to make emphasis on our powerful mind- only by utilizing the powers within us- perseverance and patience that we can emerge from a long period of stillness feeling rejuvenated and empowered to start anew. The collective experience of living in solitude and isolation is something that will shape our identities and understandings of life forever. The poster presents a mind that has been submerged underwater but finally emerges out of a state of stillness after utilising the super powers of perseverance and patience. This year is filled with hardships and chaoses that force everyone to become the hero of themselves, no one will remain ordinary after transformed by the challenges presented in 2020.