Ebony Wightman

Artist Bio 

Ebony Wightman is a freelance designer, illustrator and artist. Ebony graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Communications Design from Billy Blue College of Design, where she received the highest award for Sustained Creative Excellence. Ebony works in a wide variety of media to express her lived experience as an Autistic person with chronic health conditions. Ebony has been self-isolating since long before it was cool.

Artist Statement 

Time this year has flown by, stood still, stretched and confused us all. Days blend into night and back into day. You could say we’re all going a little ‘Cuckoo’ biding our time with no clear end in sight. As an artist with a disability, the general sense of isolation and confusion, whilst familiar, has been increasingly compounded for me by 2020’s unpredictability. This piece is an examination of our hero’s journey, a journey that has been sometimes scary yet always hopeful. Native Australian flora adorns the timepiece, ready to grow anew yet still lit by the embers of the devastating bushfires barely passed. Banksia represents the rebirth of our native lands, paying respect to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders, the traditional Owners/Custodians of our and. Whilst the bird atop the clock at first appears to be a dove, it is, in fact, a canary in support of Black Lives Matter and to all those who cry out ‘We can’t breathe’. This year for me is about time, about learning to sit and reflect and develop patience and understanding. Time is the key to recovering from this pandemic if we act together (whilst staying apart) to support each other. “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time”. – Leo Tolstoy