Danilo Brandão

Artist Bio 

Born in Brazil, Danilo Brandão is a Sydney based artist, designer and illustrator. Brandão uses a combination of collage, paint, typography and found imagery to experiment with processes and forms. Spontaneity, feeling and intuition play a major role in the artist’s work; each piece layered with a variety of images until a single idea comes to life, creating its own surreal narrative. The combination of analog manipulation, fine art processes and graphic sensibility gives Brandão’s work complexity and a singular aesthetic which characterises his work.

Artist Statement 

‘Rebirth’ illustrates the idea of death and transition. Not the end of life, but the intermediary state of change before what emerges next. A realm in which man experiences, in parallel, what is there and what comes into being. The artwork explores the mystery and power of change as an integral part of our mortal natures and as a result of the conditions we endure in life.