Gerard Cranney (Creon)

Artist Bio 

Gerard Cranney (Creon) is a creative multidisciplinary. Originally a carpenter with qualifications in graphic design at Billy Blue and a history orchestrating movie props and set design departments for entertainment venues, Cranney boasts an impressively vast repertoire in any visually creative field. Working closely for many years with international pop artist Ben Frost.

Artist Statement

Creon’s His paintings are hypnotic to watch as they are created. Characters , not only often late to the process party come rolling in from unpiloted smears, smudges and basically chaotic mess. That all initially seems careless and thoughtless, only soon to reveal faces of some sort of familiarity or nostalgia, but in settings and places never seen or been to, which subjectively, for the audience, positions the viewer in a confusing memory that, questionably never even existed and leaves you somewhat unsettled, yet secretly wanting more.