Christina Cai

Artist Bio

Christina Cai is a conceptual visual artist based in Australia who specialises in installations, paintings, drawings, sculptures and digital art. Her artwork can be defined as experimental research that focuses on depicting the emotions and the perception of nature shaped by the environment around us. Cai combines the use of different mediums and techniques to bring topics to life. She explores these concepts through psychological research , environmental issues, global situations, political movements and cultural collisions. Her artworks tend to be immersive and interactive. Graduated with a Master of Art from UNSW Art & Design, Cai immerses herself into the subjects of psychology, philosophy and nature. She is determined to convey the mental states in her artworks to raise public awareness of our social issues. Fascinated by different mediums, Cai continues to provide different sensory experiences through her works.

Artist Statement 

My artwork expresses an important spirit we all need in 2020: resilience. This year, we have been bombarded with many challenges; a global pandemic, natural disasters and fighting against racial injustice. We have been forced to distance ourselves which has been a significant challenge for our mental health. Resilience is what we need to get use through these dark times. The poster features three main elements: the mind, pills and the sun. We have been taught that resilience is key to overcoming our challenges but it is also a struggle to supress our demons alone. Seek help if needed and be strong. The sun will always rise again and better days will be ahead. The red and green with the black background indicates our courage and struggle of getting better again. The artwork aims to give us hope and power to be brave and strong as we are all heroes.