Artist Bio 

Byrd is a freelance graffiti muralist, painter and sculptor, living and working in Canberra with his small family. A range of byrd’s work is held in the collections of The National Gallery of Australia; National Museum of Australia; Canberra Museum and Gallery; The ACT Legislative Assembly; ARTBank; Craft ACT and various private collections both locally and in Europe. Any number of work has also been gifted to the public primarily up and down Australia’s east coast.

Artist Statement 

This work is about the kinds of knowing which seem just beyond our grasp. The malaise of the Left’s exhausted consciousness; The machine of the political engine able to avoid effectiveness; And the inability of the Left’s (clever & astute) political grabs or analyses to impact the political course in real-time. Testament to an exasperation, and simultaneous addiction to the passive spectatorship, the ludic quality of our engagement with politics.