Bonnie Burns

Artist Bio

Bonnie Burns is an emerging artist from Sydney currently studying a double degree of Visual Arts, majoring in Sculpture and Spatial Practice, and Art History and Curatorship at the Australian National University. Her practice explores the political and philosophical, with elements of warmth, humour and the bizarre whilst prioritising the use of found objects and recyclable materials throughout her works.

Artist Statement

My poster seeks to convey my experience of 2020, largely lived through the webcam on endless zoom classes and Facetime calls. This year, life has felt disjointed, as if interpreted by disorientated and distorted senses… as if spiked by some nefarious substance. Despite endless networks of digital connections, online classes, messages and calls, there is a peripheral sense of talking mainly to myself. Through tonalist experimentation with colour values, line, light and shadows, I have produced a distorted view of the protagonist. Her bizarre colouration, the disfigured text and frustrated chat messages demonstrate the sensation of life in 2020; feeling like a continual zoom call, perpetually interrupted by technical difficulties, disconnection and frustration. There is a feeling of losing touch with the wider world or its global community… but, perhaps it is this common feeling of disorientation and restriction that bonds us, that creates connection, that defines life as we experience it through each of our various webcams and phone cameras in 2020. Perhaps this is the zeitgeist.