Anton Hasell

Artist Bio

Anton Hasell is a professional artist whose studio research and experimental practice underpins the interactive and playful public-space artwork he creates. He has part-time lectured in art schools, including at the Victorian College of the Arts. He is an Adjunct Professor at RMIT University. Best known for the invention and creation of the Federation Bells Carillon in Melbourne (, Anton recently completed the invention, casting and tuning of a musical set of ‘difference tone’ bells for the visionary Longnow Foundation’s 10,000 Year Clock project currently being installed inside a mountain in Texas ( His practice as an artist explores sound forms and images that are responsive to, ‘tuned’ into, the Australian landscape. Anton seeks pathways for non-Indigenous Australians to find resonance with the Australian landscape’s unique archetypal cadences, its ambient pulses. We need to find a more nuanced connection to country if we are to live sustainably on the planet. Anton’s use of both sophisticated digital design tools and traditional craft technologies, in combination, has opened up new creative possibilities in the arts/craft/design research field. He has created new public-space designs for participatory community site experiences in which individuals can recognise their communal identity through shared creative play with others.

Artist Statement 

This poster speaks to the hero’s journey as a pilgrimage we all must take to live within the sustainable boundary of the planet’s ecology. Hubris and exceptionalism are the mark of Icarus and the domination of ambition over knowledge. Restoration of the subtle balance between these states of being, curiosity and wisdom, underpins the hero’s pilgrimage to live lived sustainably on our planet, and still undertake the interstellar quest to explore, and understand, the vast universe in which we exist.