Annabel Cook

Artist Bio 

Annabel Cook is an artist from Sydney, Australia working primarily with pen on paper. For Annabel, her one-line style of drawing is a cathartic experience. It is this style that inspires her art making. Annabel plays with the layering of abstracted faces and vases of flowers in her artworks, creating dynamic, tesselating patterns. Annabel was a part of a group show at Clare Gallery (Sydney) in January 2020 where she created six artworks repsonding to the theme ‘Earth Matters’. Annabel’s focus lay with the Australian bushfires raging at the time and saw her include abstracted faces wearing P2 masks and innocent Australian fauna lost amongst human faces. Annabel has also exhibited at at Sneaky Possum Gallery and Down Under Space, in Chippendale. Annabel moved to Melbourne in March 2020 where she currently resides. Annabel is currently working on a collaboration with ceramic artist Eloise White who is a Studio Tenant at Jam Factory (Adelaide). Annabel graduated from Visual Communications (Hons) at UTS in 2017. She spent a year living in London, completing a creative internship at an advertising agency, working for independent clothing label LF Markey. Annabel is currently balancing her art practice with working four days a week remotely as a copy-writer for Sydney design agency Re.

Artist Statement 

2020 has been a wild ride for most people. While Annabel considers herself lucky to be able to choose where she lives, in her poster A New City Not Yet Explored, Annabel reflects on her experience of moving to Melbourne in March and only knowing the city under lockdown. 2020 has seen Annabel’s art practice move away from drawing abstracted faces, to drawing abstracted flowers. Here the hand drawn turned digital vases appear almost riso-graphed. Annabel loosely layers five vases of flowers over one another to represent confinenment and confusion. The title of the poster exists fragmented and centred, indicating that this new city is at the centre of her world right now; it dictates what she can do and who she can see. Contrastingly the vases of flowers are a representation of growth. The viewer is lead to to understand that amidst the chaos of 2020, Annabel finds herself still growing, learning and thriving. This year has seen Annabel land a job at a design agency she has long respected and whilst moving to Melbourne hasn’t been quite what she imagined, she is finally living with her partner who she has been doing lost distance with for several years. Annabel’s year has had it’s ups and downs but there has been growth and beauty as well. A New City Not Yet Explored is devastating and hopeful in equal measure. As a title is evokes sadness and a sense of entrapment but the inclusion of ‘yet’ suggests a knowing that the time for exploration will come soon. Ultimately, there is hope.