Alice Peacock

Artist Bio

Alice Peacock is a Wagga Wagga based multimedia artist specialising in animation, motion design, and illustration. Her recent works have been influenced by the evolving relationship between humans and digital media, and advancements in communication technologies. With a background in filmmaking, Alice’s work has shifted to exploring ways of using animation outside the confines of a 2D screen. She is interested in using projection mapping to augment familiar spaces and objects, integrating their form with animation and storytelling techniques to help convey their cultural and historical significance. Alice was one of only six artists selected from a worldwide search to join the Limelight Academy Masterclass mentoring program. She was guided by Hungarian 3D projection mapping leaders Limelight, to create her work Digital Odyssey which showcased at Vivid Sydney in 2019.

Artist Statement 

This image was created as a visual response to being in lock-down during the Covid-19 pandemic. It expresses the feeling of confinement and being bound to your home for weeks, and for some people, months on end. This work is dedicated to the everyday hero, the ones who stay home to save lives; making sacrifices, giving up their regular routine, staying away from friends and family, all for the health and safety of their communities.